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“UNF is known to have a very high quality nursing program...particularly our online RN to BSN program” - Dean Pamela Chally, Dean of the Brooks College of Health

RN to BSN Online

Completion in as few as 12 months  |  Credit hours: 30 Tuition and fees: $7,695 (Partner Rate) $8,550 (Non-partner Rate)

Prepare for the future of nursing with the University of North Florida’s online RN to BSN program. Nationally recognized, this program will give you the opportunity to take your career to new heights.

What you'll gain:

  • Instruction from highly qualified faculty members who are experts in their clinical field.
  • An evidenced-based practicum in your community.
  • A well-respected nursing degree from a Best Regional College (U.S. News & World Report).

Our UNF nursing faculty provides you with personalized attention to help you succeed. Using the principles of community and public health nursing, you’ll work in partnership with a local community agency on a project that is applicable to the current workplace and will promote health within the population.

You will identify a community agency in your local vicinity at which to complete most of the community experience hours. Examples of agencies include the following: homeless shelters, public or community health organizations, refugee resettlement programs, hospital case management, hospital outreach programs, home care agencies, health departments or clinics, and organizations or non-profits such as the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. Additionally, you will spend time attending nursing conferences, professional nursing organization meetings, and civic meetings. These community experiences will be self-scheduled by you, the student.

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Upon admission to the program, the student will receive an email with a welcome letter explaining the program of study and other helpful information.

Online Courses

Major Requirements

Must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

Upon admission to the program, the student will receive an email with a welcome letter explaining the program of study and other helpful information. A minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA is required for admission and enrollment in the RN-BSN track.

Health Assessment

Credit Hours: 3

This course includes information required for the health assessment of the individual throughout the lifespan. The focus is on the development of a collaborative partnership with the individual and the assessment of biological, psychological, environmental and sociocultural systems with emphasis on sociocultural and developmental variations. The nursing process is introduced and the development of nursing diagnoses based on assessment findings is presented. The emphasis is on knowledge and skills required to critically evaluate health assessment data.
Nursing Science I

Credit Hours: 1

The course introduces the UNF School of Nursing Philosophy and Conceptual Framework, standardized nursing languages, taxonomies and classification systems. The focus is on nursing research evidence for practice and the review of scientific literature. Emphasis is on the use of a variety of technologic aids, such as bibliographic databases and web-based resources available to nurse scientists.
Family/Community Assessment

Credit Hours: 4

This course includes information required for family and community health assessment and nursing practice. Community health nursing is conceptualized within an ecological model that recognizes the influence of personal, social and environmental determinants of health on everyday life. The focus is on working in partnership with families and communities to identify strengths and challenges for health promotion, risk reduction and illness prevention. Particular attention is given to cultural sensitivity and health literacy in community nursing practice.
Socialization to Professional Nursing

Credit Hours: 2

This course includes information on the profession of nursing and introduces the student to the heritage of nursing. The focus is on the contemporary image of the nursing profession in its varied roles within the health care system. The philosophical and theoretical bases of nursing as a profession are explored. The emphasis is on nursing as a vital component of health care and on initial socializing of students into the professional role.
Perspectives in Chronicity
NUR 3082 and 3082L

Credit Hours: 4

This course includes information on issues and concepts related to professional nursing roles and practice, including concepts for collaborative nursing practice. Emphasis is on factors that affect the optimal health and well being of vulnerable individuals, families and communities with a special emphasis on information required for assessment and health promotion of those coping with chronic illness or disease. The learner will participate in clinical activities as a provider of culturally competent, evidence-based nursing care.
Nursing Science II

Credit Hours: 2

This course includes information related to research and evidence-based practice processes. The focus is on assessment of the elements of research reports for quality. Emphasis is on skill development in rapid critical appraisal toward integrating research evidence into best practices.
Applied Nursing Ethics

Credit Hours: 2

This course includes information required for examination of professional values and ethical decision-making in clinical practice. The focus is on values clarification, ethical theory, ethical decision-making models, and professional ethical standards. Emphasis is on ethical obligations of professional nurses in their roles as citizens, members of a profession, providers of care, and designers and managers of care.
Leadership/Mgmt. in Nursing

Credit Hours: 3

This course includes information required to understand leadership and management as integral components of the role of the professional nurse in the health care setting. The focus is on leadership and management concepts useful to the individual through the organizational level. Emphasis is on developing collaborative and interpersonal skills essential in the design, delegation, and management of care.
Nursing Science III

Credit Hours: 1

This course includes information required to begin to bridge the research-practice gap. The focus is on the use of systematic reviews and guidelines for evidence-based practice. Emphasis is on the role of the nurse in creating environments that support evidence-based nursing practice. This is a Pass-Fail course.
Community Partnerships and Nursing Practice
NUR 4636 and 4636L

Credit Hours: 5

This course includes information on the importance of partnerships in promoting community health. The focus is on collaborative planning, implementation and evaluation of culturally sensitive, evidence-based health promotion, and prevention interventions with individuals and populations. The learner will participate in clinical activities as a provider, designer and manager of care with communities and populations.
Professional Nursing Integration
NUR 4945 and 4945L

Credit Hours: 3

During this course the student demonstrates achievement of program objectives while working in partnership with individuals, families, communities and other health care professionals. This course includes information required for transition from the baccalaureate student role to the role of a professional baccalaureate prepared nurse. The focus is on skills used by the nurse to excel as a clinician, professional leader, communicator and citizen.

Validation Credit (30 Credits) - NUR3000X

Thirty hours of Nursing Validation Credits are awarded in the student’s last semester of enrollment in the BSN. These 30 hours are awarded based upon validation of previous nursing knowledge through satisfactory completion of NCLEX/licensure examination.

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