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DNP can improve APRN’s clinical practice

Healthcare has never been so complex and intricate. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, there has been an increased need for healthcare providers who are specifically skilled to foster a preventative healthcare model. According to the American Nurses’ Association, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), especially those with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), are especially prepared to meet this need.

Since the Doctor of Nursing Practice is a clinical practice-based terminal degree, the emphasis is on utilizing evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. These APRNs not only provide direct patient care, but also offer clinical practice leadership. The APRN with a Doctor of Nursing Practice is uniquely prepared to develop policy to enhance services and remove practice barriers. They are full partners in interdisciplinary teams, all with the continued goal of good patient outcomes.

Increased education helps APRNs meet growing healthcare needs

Millions of Americans who previously lacked insurance will enter the healthcare system over the next decade. This will require a significant increase in healthcare providers and nurse leaders who will create policies to establish efficient, quality services to meet these needs. DNP-prepared nurses will be able to use their educational preparation to provide the necessary leadership to address healthcare disparities and implement best practices. Their input will improve healthcare access and increase the prevention of complications of health.

Not only are DNP-prepared nurses able to impact changes, nursing’s continued emphasis on preventative care makes them ready to meet the preventative focus of the Affordable Care Act. Repeatedly, nurse-managed health centers continue to demonstrate a dedication to health promotion and disease prevention. DNP-prepared nurses continue to bridge the gap by instituting public health models of prevention to clinical practice, while continuing to educating their healthcare colleagues to do the same. The healthcare providers who can implement this model effectively into their practice will continue to become successful.

Online DNP program convenient for working APRNs

In an attempt for APRNs to meet the complex needs of the future, they should consider furthering their education with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The business of healthcare will continue to evolve and change; however, with advanced training and education, these changes can be manageable. Although returning to school can sometimes seem daunting, an online DNP program can often be a valuable option. Students benefit from a solid education and, because the program can be completed entirely online, they have the flexibility in their course schedule to continue their clinical practice while going to school.


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