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Online RN to BSN Programs Benefit Working Nurses

Working nurses who are looking to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) may find the many benefits of an online RN to BSN program quite appealing, thanks to the convenience and flexibility built into these programs. Nurses who earn a BSN not only stay competitive in the ever-changing job market, but also add to their knowledge base and improve the quality of their care.

Gaining a competitive edge with a BSN

Working nurses with an associate's degree can position themselves to be more competitive in the job market by earning a BSN. Online RN to BSN programs teach nurses how to think more analytically in the healthcare setting and how to use those skills to improve patient care. There are many studies showing the benefits of nurses with a BSN caring for patients; this has encouraged more hospitals to hire nurses with a bachelor’s degree. Among the benefits are improved patient outcomes in postoperative settings, fewer cases of hospital acquired infections and faster recovery time. BSN-prepared nurses are also better equipped to adapt to the evolving healthcare system.

Immediate impact in the hospital setting

Even a small increase in the proportion of BSN-prepared nurses in a hospital has been associated with significant improvements. For instance, a 2014 study published in Medical Care found that hospital units increasing the proportion of BSN in their nursing workforce by 10 percent saw an associated 10.9 percent decrease in patient mortality. Another 2013 study in Health Affairs showed similar results, with a 10-point increase in BSN-prepared nurses representing an average reduction of about 2.12 deaths per 1,000 patients. These studies then projected that increasing the proportion of BSN-prepared nurses to 80 percent would be economically beneficial since the dollars saved by reducing the length of patient stays at the hospital and minimizing complications would more than offset the cost of training BSN. Because of studies such as these, there is a great deal of employer support available to nurses enrolling in online RN to BSN programs.

Convenient, flexible, affordable

Online RN to BSN programs are designed for the working RN who already possesses an associate degree in nursing. These online programs can be taken virtually and on a full- or part-time basis, giving nurses with divergent schedules the opportunity to interact with fellow students and instructors in a virtual learning platform. Most of these programs can be completed in less than 2 years and teach a range of topics including communication, leadership and critical thinking.

A BSN is an essential stepping-stone in a nurse’s career. Whether you are interested in entering advanced nursing practice or choose to go into administration and management, a BSN is the required foundation. Online RN to BSN programs are convenient and flexible, allowing students to build their knowledge base and improve their practice in order to stay competitive in the job market.

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